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Xtreme Stretch from Dickies Scrubs

April 30th, 2013 | Posted by timd in Fashion Tips | Healthcare | Medical Scrubs | Scrub Benefits

dickies scrubsDickies scrubs are often on the forefront of every trend happening in medical workwear. Frankly, Dickies as a company is among the most trusted names in all workwear. Whether you are fixing someone’s car transmission wearing Dickies coveralls or you’re unclogging arteries during a bypass in Dickies scrubs, chances are you have trusted some part of your work life to this brand.

So when Dickies switches up the formula with a line, you know the innovations are likely to stick in an industry watching them closely. The Xtreme Stretch Line from Dickies is just one example of this. These scrub shirts and pants are perfect for allowing medical professionals to more comfortably address the needs of patients. Without fitting in a way that is loose or unflattering, they allow nurses, doctors and other medical workers to move freely without ruining their scrubs.

With an innovation like this, medical workers everywhere will see their range of motion expand in their workplace. The result is new scrubs that look as good as they feel, which can often feel like a tall order in the realm of discount nursing scrubs.

Check out these extremely flexible scrubs at A1 Scrubs today!

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