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Landau Scrubs in White

March 12th, 2013 | Posted by timd in Fashion Tips | Healthcare | Medical Scrubs | Scrub Benefits

landau scrubsWe spend a lot of time discussing flashy new patterns and bright exciting colors in the discount nursing scrubs industry. This is simply the way the market is going. Of course for every high quality patterned nursing scrubs there is an equally high quality clean white variation. When it comes to getting dressed for work in the medical industry, white is always an option.

Landau scrubs has a particularly fashion-forward selection of white medical scrubs. These are well made garments with a form-fitting cut for a wide array of women’s shapes.

The Student Tunic pictured here is an ideal look for someone new to medical observation. Its short sleeves, roomy pockets and zipper in the front is a fantastic style for the hospital or doctor’s office, with a slight nod to nurse outfits of the past. Finding a straight forward white nurse top “retro” might just be an effect of spending so much time looking at the inventive patterns and colors available from A1 Scrubs. Still, every nurse should have a few white options in their collections.

Landau scrubs are one of the most trusted names in medical wear, and at these prices, it is downright silly to not bring some of their White Collection into your collection.

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