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Lowest Price on Discount Nursing Scrubs Ever

February 25th, 2013 | Posted by timd in Healthcare | Medical Scrubs | Scrub Benefits

discount nursing scrubsA1 Scrubs is the best resource for discount nursing scrubs on the Web. This is undeniable. The prices seem nearly untenable to people who work in the business of selling medical workwear. We have every brand of noteworthy nursing scrubs available on the market today. Well known fashion brands like Baby Phat, Cherokee, and Dickies scrubs have outfitted our nurses, doctors and other medical workers effectively and stylishly for years.

So with those untenable prices on well known brands, it is hard to believe that A1 Scrubs might offer even more discounts. But right now we are offering some of our lowest prices ever. That is not to say in the next few months we won’t be dropping prices once again. This is just one more of our uniformly great monthly deals over at A1 Scrubs.

On top of that huge guarantee, we are also offering a 10% off coupon on orders of $49 or more simply for signing up with your email to A1 Scrubs. So let us go over this again: lowest prices ever, 10% off and the best quality of discount nursing scrubs available. If you are a medical worker of any kind, it seems like you really cannot afford to buy your scrubs anywhere else.


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